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Who is Miguel Yanguas? His history and greatest achievements


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Who is Miguel Yanguas? His history and greatest achievements

Miguel Yanguas Díez is a padel player from Malaga who plays drive with Fernando Belasteguín. He is a very young player who has excelled in youth categories and who each year establishes himself as one of the promises of Spanish padel for the coming seasons. Yanguas plays with the Varlion Bourne Summun Prisma Airflow padel racket, a brand with which he has been linked since 2017.

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Sticking to his Varlion Bourne Prisma Airflow racket, Yanguas has developed the entire 2023 season. Also, together with Bela, he has had a very regular season, reaching the semifinals on several occasions. The Varlion player not only uses the brand's padel racket, he also does so with the textile garments available in the Padel Pro Shop.

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