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Who is Agustin Tapia? His history and greatest achievements

The very young Agustín Tapia is one of the great promises of professional Padel. He has been the youngest player to win a World Padel Tour tournament and is for many the one who will dominate the sport in the coming years. The Argentine plays with the Nox AT10 GENIUS 18K 2023 racket. He is known as El Genio de Catamarca. His current partner is Coello with whom he has won practically all of this 2023.

Buy Agustín Tapia's Nox padel rackets online

Agustín Tapia is a young professional padel player born in Argentina. Play with the NOX AT10 GENIUS padel racket and it is one of the great promises of the sport. In Padel Pro Shop you can get the player's complete equipment as well as the different color versions. If you want to buy all of Agustín Tapia's products from the Nox brand, his footwear, his clothing and of course his gray and green AT Genius racket, you are in the right store, Padel Pro Shop.

Feel like Agustin Tapia: his best clothes, accessories and accessories

The white, red Nox AT10 sneakers or the limited edition black version. The official game t-shirts or the AT10 GENIUS, one of the best-selling rackets during 2023 at Padel Pro Shop.

What is Agustín Tapia's padel racket?

Agustín Tapia's racket is the AT10 Luxury GENIUS 18K Alum 2024 by Agustín Tapia, a racket with a lot of power and a fairly long handle for incredible control. The new combination used in this racket results in a 18K aluminized carbon fiber and a multilayer MLD Black EVA core that provides a solid feel and intermediate hardness.