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Who is Jon Sanz? Its history and greatest achievements

Jon Sanz (09/25/2000) Navarrese player of the Varlion brand. From the drive, in the 2023 season he has acted as a partner during Juan Lebron's loss of another number one, Ale Galán. Also in the 2023 season he was paired with Javi Garrido or Coki Nieto. With the latter, he would reach his second Open final. The Navarrese has shown great progression these last two seasons. He is currently within the top 15 of the WPT ranking, although with such a promising future it is certain that his progression will continue to rise. Jon Sanz plays with the Varlion Maxima Summum Prisma Airflow , a power racket with two versions: Winter and Summer.

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Jon Sanz is a player sponsored by the Varlion brand and so much so that he currently plays with the Maxima Summum Prosma Airflow. A racket that offers the Winter and Summer version even though it is a control racket with great power. Jon also wears the same brand as his upper and has the Nike brand on his feet.

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