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Who is Juan Lebrón? His history and greatest achievements

Juan Lebrón is a Spanish Padel player known as "El Lobo". Lebrón achieved number 1 in 2019 playing with Paquito Navarro, being the first Spaniard to achieve this status. He has been finishing the season as number 1 for 4 consecutive years. He currently plays with Alejandro Galán on World Padel Tour and Premier Padel. Lebrón plays with the Babolat Technical Viper racket.

Buy online the padel rackets Babolat of Juan Lebrón

Buy any of Juan Lebron's t-shirts at Padel Pro Shop. The Wolf t-shirt from the Babolat brand with all its sponsors, with the flag of Andalusia and Spain on the neck, and of course, its Wolf symbol. Babolat t-shirt in blue, orange and black for the 2023 season. In addition, in its section we can find its exclusive Babolat Jet Premura, its padel racket bag and its accessories.

Feel like Juan Lebrón: his best clothes, complements and accessories

Juan Lebron's racket is the Babolat Technical Viper in red, an incredible racket, with a rough surface, great explosiveness and a quite special shape, a large impact surface, along with tremendous manageability. Complete Juan Lebron's kit with his game shirt and pants and the revolutionary Jet Premura footwear with clay sole.

Who is Juan Lebron's partner?

Juan Lebron's padel partner is Ale Galán, a player from Madrid with whom in 2020, 2021 and 2022 they have been world No. 1. Ale plays on the backhand and is characterized by a very solid game and an incredible physique.

What brand does Juan Lebron use?

The brand that Lebron uses in recent years has been Babolat, one of the leading brands in the sector. In recent seasons, Lobo has opted for the Technical Viper racket with an exclusive design that includes Juan Lebron's characteristic wolf.