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Who is Bea Gonzalez? Her history and greatest achievements

The very young Bea González is one of the best players on the World Padel Tour. The player from Malaga began her journey in padel at the age of 8 and at the age of 14 she made her debut making history on the World Padel Tour. In addition, she has been the youngest player on the circuit to win an Open at only 18 years old. Bea, on the backhand, is paired with Delfi Brea and plays with the StarVie Astrum racket. 2023 has been one of his best years, demonstrating an incredible level together with the Argentine Delfi. The couple achieved their first Open in Denmark and after this the Valladolid Master, the Finnish Open or the Premier Padel in Madrid would arrive.

Buy online the padel rackets Starvie of Bea González

Bea González player of the Starvie brand, with the Astrum racket, a racket with a lot of ball output, one of the best sellers of the Starvie brand. In addition, the brand offers several versions of this racket. One the Mater Edition, another the Astrum Eris Black, a black version and finally the Starvie Atrum Eris by Bea González.

Feel like Bea González: her best clothes, complements and accessories

Bea González, the very young professional padel player from Malaga, a player with an incredible future and a lot of quality on the court. The woman from Malaga plays with the Starvie Atrum Eris racket but the textile she uses is from the Asics brand. Whatever brand you want, at Padel Pro Shop we have the leading padel brands.