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Who is Virginia Riera? Her history and greatest achievements

Virginia Riera is an Argentine padel player who plays on the drive alongside Tamara Icardo. Use the Babolat Counter Viper racket. Virginia started playing tennis, but her dream was to be a professional paddle tennis player, so she moved to Spain and is now competing at a high level. 2023 has been a very regular season, managing to get into a large number of semifinals. His numbers have allowed him to be among the 10 best players in the 2023 Race.

Buy online the padel rackets Babolat of Virginia Riera

The Argentine signed with the Babolat brand in 2022. With a reference in the world of padel, Virginia plays with the Counter Viper and wears the Babolat Sensa, both products available in the Padel Pro Shop. Virginia Riera's racket is a control weapon with 3D Spin+ technology, which means embossed on the surface to achieve spin on the ball.

Feel like Virginia Riera: her best clothes, complements and accessories

If you are looking for the best clothing and the most comfortable shoes on the market, then you have to look at Babolat. The brand that sponsors Virginia Riera offers the best padel products, synonymous with innovation and technology. The Argentine player wears Babolat clothing but also uses the same brand's shoes and padel racket.