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Who is Ale Salazar? Her history and greatest achievements

Alejandra Salazar is a professional padel player and undoubtedly one of the best in the world. Born in Madrid (Spain), Alejandra is a couple with Sofía Araújo. Play in the drive and use the Bullpadel Flow Woman 2023 racket. In her bulky record are 6 World Championships and 4 numbers 1 in WPT.

Buy online the padel rackets Bullpadel of Alejandra Salazar

This 2024 Alejandra Salazar's racket changes its appearance but retains the same essence of an attacking racket as previous years. The Bullpadel Flow is a power racket designed especially for precision players. If you also want to play like one of the best players on the circuit, equip yourself at Padel Pro Shop with all its equipment.

Feel like Alejandra Salazar: her best clothes, complements and accessories

Game t-shirt, Bullpadel Hybrid Fly by Alejandra Salazar shoes and the unmatched Bullpadel Flow. Alejandra Salazar's exclusive line delights all players. For its comfort, its performance and its winning spirit, the Ale collection is for you.

What is Alejandra Salazar's padel racket?

Currently Alejandra Salazar plays with the Bullpadel Flow W 24 racket, a diamond-shaped racket that is as light as its weight does not exceed 360 g. As a novelty, the Flow changes color when exposed to UV rays. A racket for advanced level players with rough finishes to achieve greater effect on shots.