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Who is Coki Nieto? Its history and greatest achievements

Jorge Nieto, also known as Coki Nieto, has been one of the great young promises of padel. The Madrid native was Spanish U16 Champion in 2014. A year later he was proclaimed Spanish U18 Runner-up. Also in 2015 he would manage to win, along with the rest of the Spanish National Team, World Champion. Currently Coki Nieto plays with the Starvie Basalto Osiris Pro 2.0, although the textile he wears is from the Asics brand. In 2023 he played with Jon Sanz in his first final of the year. The Madrid player has played with great players such as Pablo Lima, Mike Yanguas or the end of the 2022 season with Martin Di Nenno.

Buy Coki Nieto's Starvie padel rackets online

Do you know what Coki Nieto's padel racket is? The Starvie Basalto Pro 2.0 the sword used in 2023 by Coki Nieto. However, the textile and footwear used by the Madrid native is from the Asics brand. In both cases you can buy Coki Nieto's clothing and racket here, at Padel Pro Shop.

Feel like Coki Nieto: his best clothes, accessories and accessories

The Asics Gel Padel Pro shoes are one of the most adored models by padel lovers. It is this same model that Coki Nieto wears in his WPT matches. A shoe with a herringbone sole for competitive padel players.