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Who is Delfi Brea? His history and greatest achievements

Delfina Brea is an Argentine padel player with a lot of projection. She is one of the youngest players on the circuit and currently shares the court with Bea González. Delfina plays on the drive and uses the Bullpadel Vertex 04 Woman 2024 racket.

Buy online the padel rackets Bullpadel by Delfi Brea

The Bullpadel player plays with the Vertex 04 Woman 2024, a racket signed by Delfi Brea. An explosive diamond-shaped racket with an external core of Fibrix hybrid fiber and an internal core of the new MultiEva. The Delfi Brea racket for 2024 is a racket intended for advanced players that has the same characteristics as the Vertex 04 but with a slightly reduced weight. Also in Padel Pro Shop you will find the rest of the Bullpadel brand textiles and footwear used by the Argentine player.

Feel like Delfi Brea: her best clothes, complements and accessories

The official Delfi Brea game t-shirt at Padel Pro Shop. The Rogar WPT is the shirt used by the Argentine player in official competitions. Not only that, at Padel Pro Shop we have the best material from the Bullpadel brand. Footwear, padel rackets and accessories from Bullpadel. Equip yourself as Delfi Brea, a player whose progression in 2023 has gone from less to more. Together with Bea González he has achieved several Opens, a Master and even the Premier Padel in Madrid. Without a doubt, a promising future for a young couple that has managed to get into the top 5 of Race 2023.