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Buy the best Nox padel shoes in our online store

Nox's specialized padel shoes are intended for the most demanding players. Among its collection you will find those chosen by the great Agustín Tapia to display their full potential on the padel court.

Nox padel shoes models with 2-4 daysshipping

Of course, one of the surprises and revolutions in the world of padel has been the introduction of the Nox brand in the world of padel shoes and without a doubt they have come to mark themselves and be a hallmark for the brand, since their padel shoes They have a great study behind every detail, from the choice of shape, type of sole and weight, to the choice of each of the materials for them, all this to minimize typical sports injuries and guarantee the greatest comfort without giving up impeccable aesthetics, which is another of the strengths of these models.

AT10 Lux and Nerbo shoes, with exclusive designs

These padel shoes are the ones chosen by the great Agustín Tapia and the spectacular Miguelito Lamperti to deploy their entire game within the 20x10. The AT10 Lux are the brand's bestseller, especially if we take into account that the brand carries out studies and tests to manufacture the best possible padel shoes.