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Who is Fernando Belasteguin? His history and greatest achievements

Fernando Belasteguín "Bela" is an Argentine padel player, one of the oldest on the circuit. After performing at a magnificent level with the young Arturo Coello in 2022, in the 2023 season he decided to partner again with another Argentine, Sanyo Gutiérrez. Together with the pucelano, Arturo Coello would achieve his first Premier Padel in 2022. He plays backwards and is by his own merit the best player in the history of Padel. He is the player with the most World Padel Tour titles in history, he has also been the player who has remained at number 1 in the ranking for the longest time. His numbers and records are spectacular and he is still currently one of the best. He currently plays with the Wilson Bela Pro and with Mike Yanguas.

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Fernando Belasteguín has an entire line of products with his name. That's why in Padel Pro Shop all you have to do is search with the name Bela to quickly view the Wilson brand rackets, footwear and bags of the best player of all time. The Argentine player is fully sponsored by Wilson, a historic brand in the world of sports.

Feel like Fernando Belasteguín: his best clothes, accessories and accessories

The Wilson Bela Pro, the Wilson Bela Pro Red sneakers and one of Bela's signature t-shirts. This is the equipment of a great player and with Padel Pro Shop it can also be yours. Complete your kit with one of Wilson's padel rackets or bags.