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Who is Ale Galán's partner?

Ale Galán's partner this season is Juan Lebron “el Lobo”, both of them make a duo that in 2020, 2021 and 2022 was practically unbeatable, thanks to their mix of physicality and a very complete attacking game. Since 202 he has been a couple with the Wolf. Previously I would do it with Pablo Lima or Matías Díaz.

Who is Alejandro Galan? His history and greatest achievements

Alejandro Galán forms together with Lebrón the number 1 couple of the RACE of the World Padel Tour. The man from Madrid, born in 1996, plays sponsored by adidas with the Adidas Metalbone HRD racket in grey, black and red colors and is currently playing at a spectacular level.

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If you are looking for Ale Galán's Adidas material, this season in Padel Pro Shop we offer you all his clothes and material, including his Crazyflight shoes, as well as his Multigame 3.2 racket and padel rackets. Ale Galán's shoes are the favourite model of aerial players as these shoes are also used in indoor sports such as handball or volleyball. The Multigame 3.2 paddle bag stands out for its large dimensions and its great storage capacity. A bag with the player's personal signature.

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During the 2023 season Ale Galán's racket has been the Adidas Metalbone 3.2 black and red, a racket with the new WEIGHT & BALANCE system and an aluminiumised CARBON surface. Ale Galán's racket stands out for being a power racket with excellent ball output. Thanks to its Weight & Balance system, the weight and balance of the racket can be modified, helping to achieve a personalised manoeuvrability.

How tall is Ale Galán?

Ale Galán measures 1.86, a player of medium height on the circuit, but who is known mainly for his physique and his mettle in the game, a true teammate of 10.