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Who is Marta Ortega? Her history and greatest achievements

Marta Ortega from Madrid is a professional padel player. Marta already knows what it is to be number 1 and, furthermore, breaking the record for at the youngest age. Martita plays for Adidas with the Adipower Light 3.1 racket. From her profession she derives her nickname, The Doctor. Martita has won more than 10 titles and has more than 350 professional matches behind her. The 2022 season he played alongside Bea Gonzáles but after several games, in 2023 he began to play with Gemma Triay.

Buy Marta Ortega's Adidas padel rackets online

Marta Ortega's racket is the Adidas Adipower light 3.2, a racket with very attractive colors, characteristic for being a round racket but with a lot of power. You can find it, along with its Adidas Multigame 3.2 padel bag, in the Padel Pro Shop online store.

Feel like Marta Ortega: her best clothes, accessories and accessories

The Adidas Cybersonic Clay shoes are one of the best padel shoes on the market and also the one chosen by Marta Ortega. At Padel Pro Shop we have the best models of the brand and they stand out especially for their comfortable footwear. Shoes with innovative technologies that facilitate the game.