The ambition to improve both mentally and physically is a daily challenge on the track. Padel combines universal values ​​of improvement and effort and combines them with principles of friendship and fun.

No two players are the same, that's why, at Babolat, they offer specific solutions to joint needs. Thus, they have defined two styles of players: dynamic player and pivot player. The first of them fast and versatile, the second patient and thoughtful.

They too, who are eager to add points to their score, attack in the same way on the carpet. The technical attackers are controllers and tacticians and their weapons to defeat the rival are their vipers and shots. Those who take their feet off the ground at the height of the net are called air attackers and, as can be guessed, they fly over the track. Babolat distinguishes a third type of player, counter attackers. The latter are cunning and patient, until they can sentence the opponent with an r.


Babolat Jet Premura

The bond that unites Babolat and padel is noticeable from head to toe. And starting with the feet, the French brand has been the first to design shoes intended exclusively for padel. The brand already did something similar in 2002, the year in which it created the first 100% tennis shoe.

Babolat's background in the world of racket is evident in each of its products. For any level of player there are Babolat shoes. Grip, agility, comfort, breathability or lightness are characteristics always present in their footwear.


What would a player be without his most important tool: the racket. With it, effort, technique and acuity do not find results. To achieve the best points Babolat offers three ranges of rackets: Viper, Veron and Vertuo.

For every player there is a Babolat racket. Through research and innovation, the French brand has developed padel rackets for all types of players. The Babolat team has three lines of rackets: Air, Technical and Counter.

Aerial attacking players find the Air a perfect ally. On the other hand, the most technical players go to the Technical line to surprise their rival with their millimeter power. And when counterpunching is the player's specialty, all that remains is to resort to the Counter paddles.

And among women's rackets, the Dyna or Stima lines are the queens. The Dyna rackets condense all the power of a racket while respecting its comfort and lightness. On the other hand, Stima rackets preserve the lightness, comfort and effortless power that every player seeks.

Players of the stature of Juan Lebron, Virginia Riera and Fernando Poggi trust in a brand synonymous with precision and power. And how do they achieve it? Well, trusting in Babolat technology, demonstrated with the incorporation of 3D Spin+ (reliefs on the surface), Holes Pattern System (optimization of the distribution and size of the holes), Hybrid.


The small details are what truly make us great. Playing with two grips, with grip and overgrip, with a single grip,... One player, one combination and a single common factor: Babolat accessories.

Babolat grips and overgrips make the difference in the game. So do his balls. Made with braided felt, they offer great durability and resistance. Likewise, Babolat padel balls have been approved by the International Padel Federation in addition to being the official ball of the APT Padel Tour.

And to complete the total equipment with Babolat, the brand has socks, visors, wristbands and padel rackets that become essential accessories in any padel game or trip.

Professional players

Juan Lebron is nicknamed the wolf for his fury and cunning on the field, qualities that made him the first Spaniard to achieve world number one. His passion begins very early, when he sees his father playing paddle tennis with his friends. Shovel in hand, Juan Lebron's childhood and maturity unfolds between titles. In 2016, a year before moving to Madrid, the union, still in force, between Juan Lebron and Babolat was formalized. 2019 is marked on Lebron's calendar as a historic date in his career. This year, together with Paquito Navarro, he is proclaimed the first player born in Spain to achieve number 1 on the World Padel Tour together with his Babolat racket. He currently plays alongside Ale Galán, with whom he shares the leadership of the circuit.

Padel completely changed Miguel Semmler's professional career. The Madrid native had dedicated half his life to tennis, but the lack of competitive results forced him to reconsider his career. In 2021 he was named Revelation Player, a recognition that was not foreign to the eyes of Babolat who began to sponsor him after his good performance on the circuit. The right-handed player promises to be one of the great revelations of paddle tennis in the coming years along with his current playing partner Iván Ramírez.

The Argentine player, born on 09/27/1988, already knows what it means to win a final in the Professional Circuit. This victory would come with his usual partner Patty Llaguno, but for a time he also shared court side with Sofia Araújo. Virginia Riera's dream was to dedicate herself to padel professionally and to do so she decided to move to Spain. Finally, after a great season in 2021 with a victory at the Vigo Open and three other finals, in 2022, the Argentine joined the French brand Babolat

Professional paddle tennis player currently residing in Palma de Mallorca. The recent collaboration between Babolat and the Zaragozan is a sign of a commitment to the future that could become one of the best Spanish women's swords. In 2021, it achieved third place, along with the rest of the Paddle Federation of the Balearic Islands, in the Cto. From Spain of 1st category Autonomous Teams. Likewise, since the end of 2021 he has managed to qualify for some of the final draws of the Circuit. The backhand player trains at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar and her progression predicts a successful career with Babolat.

Rafa Nadal Academy

Rafa Nadal and Babolat. Two success stories incapable of being understood without each other.

Both have grown up around family values, circles of loyalty and a culture of effort.

The Rafa Nadal Academy is not only a simple academy, the Rafa Nadal Academy is a gaming philosophy. The Academy seeks to enhance the performance of each game without forgetting the academic training of each member. Not only athletes are forged, people are forged.

The values ​​of effort, discipline, honesty and improvement that have made Rafa Nadal a winner are also imbued in the academy's programs, which incorporate technique, strategy, physical and mental preparation and nutrition.

Recently the sports center has also introduced the discipline of paddle tennis. Its facilities include seven outdoor courts and six indoor courts. With an eye toward the future, the Rafa Nada Academy began the project in 2022 focused on one of the most promising sports in the coming years. This same year, for the first time, the Academy hosted an official competition of the World Padel Tour circuit.