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Buy online the best Adidas padel racket bags in Padel Pro Shop

Adidas renews its catalog of paleteros every season, surprising year after year with elegant and functional designs. The Multigame paletero is the model par excellence. However, the German brand also offers cheaper models such as the Adidas Control 3.2.

Wide range of Adidas models according to size, compartments, for matches...

The Adidas Multigame 3.2 fur bag by Martita Ortega y Ale Galán is the star product in this category. Both paleteros have a capacity of up to 10 rackets, in addition to their respective side and central compartments.

Special designs for women and men

The wide variety of Adidas padel racket bags allows you to choose from a wide chromatic range of padel racket bags, adjusting to the tastes of any player. Hurry up! Order your paletero now and you will receive it in less than 24 hours at home.