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Padel Black Friday with incredible discounts at Padel Pro Shop

Throughout the week you can find the best deals on the occasion of BLACK FRIDAY. Padel rackets, shoes and bags with discounts of up to 70%.

The best padel deals on Black Friday from Padel Pro Shop

This Black Friday do not miss the opportunity to get the best products at the best price. Get the padel racket that you have wanted for so long at an irresistible price or renew your old shoes for the padel shoes of the moment.

The best padel deals from top brands on Black Friday at Padel Pro Shop

If you are undecided about your next purchase, we can help you. From November 20 to 27, the best padel prices in the entire market. Now, all the products you've been wanting all season can be yours at an even lower price. The excellent Munich Padx 35 model, the AT10 sneakers by the great Agustín Tapia, the acclaimed Adidas Barricade or footwear from the Asics brand. Some models that stand out for their great quality and now also do so for their price. Black Friday padel racket bags or padel accessories on sale are other bargains that you can take advantage of from November 20 to 27. The most essential accessories such as overgrips, backpacks or paddle balls.

Best padel items on Black Friday

If you don't know what paddle blade buy this Black Friday, here we leave you our selection of better paddle products with great discounts.

  1. Babolat Techincal Viper 2023: Juan Lebrón's shovel of this 2023 with an unbeatable discount. A power shovel for the most advanced players on the track.
  2. Nox at10 genius 18k by Agustín Tapia 2023: The Agustín Tapia shovel has been one of the best -selling products in Padel Pro Shop throughout the season. Get with the Agustín Tapia shovel on Black Friday and many other offers.
  3. Adidas Metalbone 3.2: Power and personalized balance. A shovel that incorporates Adidas's latest technology and has a maximum of a number one, Ale Galán.
  4. Babolat Jet Tere 2023 Sneakers: A shoes with spike sole that, Designed with the KPRS-X system, protect the shock heels.
  5. Wilson Bela Pro: Easily recognizable footwear with a great discount. The shoes of one of the most important figures of the paddle, Fernando Belasteguín, in the Black Friday of Padel Pro Shop with the best market offer.
  6. Paletero Varlion Summum: The most complete and functional paletero. With capacity for two blades and a load volume of up to 46 liters. A cheap paletero and with finishes of excellent quality.