How to customize clothes

These are the steps to follow to customize the clothing that is available for customization. If you want something more special, contact us.

Step 1
Choose your product
Step 2
Customize it
Step 3
Receive it in 24/48 hours


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Buy the best personalized padel clothing in our online store

Find a large amount of personalized technical clothing to wear on the Padel courts, add your name to any on the list and match it with your usual partner.

High quality personalized padel clothing at Padel Pro Shop

Agree with your partner for once and go matching wearing one of our exclusive models on or off the track, without a doubt a very good gift to give, within each item the personalization option is offered, tell us what it is what you want to appear on your garment and we will do it.

Customize all your equipment to play paddle tennis to the millimeter

In this category you can find a wide variety of products designed to be personalized with your name accompanied by our logo. Cotton and polyester t-shirts, sweatshirts, linings, all personalized with your name, a great opportunity at an affordable price, with high quality to shine on the paddle tennis courts, both for men and women. We warn that no refund or size change is accepted if the garment is purchased with a print.