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Who is Juan Tello? His history and greatest achievements

Juan Tello is an Argentine padel player and a great promise on the circuit. He currently plays on the backhand side with Álex Ruiz. However, practically his entire professional career has been developed with Federico Chingotto (being the oldest couple on the circuit). Known as El Gato Tello, in 2022 he won the México Open with Paquito. Likewise, this same year he won the World Paddle Championship with the Argentine National Team. He uses the Bullpadel VERTEX 2024 racket and is a player characterized by the power of his offensive game.

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Talking about Vertex is talking directly about Juan Tello. An emblematic racket that thousands of padel customers like. Tello relies on this model for its matches. Also, as a Bullpadel player, he wears and wears the Bullpadel brand. Juan Tello's official game jersey includes his name and sponsors.

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The backhand player is an aggressive and intelligent player on the circuit. Bullpadel was able to see the potential of the Argentine player and begin to trust him. Thus, the relationship it has with the brand has extended over time. The most recognized brand in the world of padel with a wide range of padel products: rackets, shoes, clothing, bags and accessories.