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Who is Miguel Lamperti? His history and greatest achievements

Miguel Lamperti is one of the veterans of the World Padel Tour, and he is already over 40 years old. Share track with Mike Yanguas. He is a very aggressive backhand player and has one of the most powerful punches on the circuit. He is known as Carisma Lamperti and has shared courtside with players like Arturo Coello, Juani Mieres or Maxi Gabriel. The padel racket used in matches is the Nox ML10

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Historic in the padel circuit and eternal in WPT. Lamperti is one of those players that the public loves. With Nox you have a line with your own name of sneakers, padel rackets and padel rackets. You can find all their products in Padel Pro Shop.

Feel like Miguel Lamperti: his best clothes, complements and accessories

Do you want one of the most versatile sneakers on the market? The Nox ML10 Hexa are one of the best models from the Nox brand. Under the name of Miguel Lamperti, Nox also offers padel rackets and padel racket bags under the Argentine seal. Look for Miguel Lamperti products in Padel Pro Shop.