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Buy online the best Nox padel racket bags in Padel Pro Shop

Nox padel racket bags are an outstanding choice for padel enthusiasts who demand functionality. The Nox brand has earned a solid reputation in the world of padel thanks to its commitment to innovation and quality, and its paleteros are no exception.

Wide range of Nox models according to size, compartments, for matches...

The brand of genius Agustín Tapia offers padel racket bags meticulously designed to offer storage solutions to regular padel players. With the Nox AT10 Competition Trolley you will get the all-terrain paletero. A suitcase-type paletero that will be ideal for matches and for long trips.

Special designs for women and men

The Nox WPT Master Series paletero complies with the basic characteristics and the universal design to play padel. A paletero with capacity for 3 rackets. Do you want any Nox paletero? Well, in less than 24 hours you can have it at your home.