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Buy online the best BullPadel racket bags in Padel Pro Shop

Get your Bullpadel paletero bag in less than 24 hours. The Bullpadel brand makes a difference in the bag market with the most elegant and practical designs. Players of the stature of Paquito Navarro, Juan Tello or Martin Di Nenno are some of the brand's players who every day live attached to one of the most durable paleteros on the market.

Great variety of Bullpadel models according to size, compartments, for matches...

In keeping with the racket with the same name, the Bullpadel Vertex padel racket bag has a capacity of up to 4 rackets and special compartments for shoes and clothing. Also the Hack Paquito Navarro, the complete paletero for the most common players on the track.

Special designs for women and men

With the large squad of players sponsored by Bullpadel, the brand redesigns the paleteros of its star players every year. Alejandra Salazar or Paquito Navarro have exclusive paletero designs available for sale at Padel Pro Shop.