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Buy Adidas padel balls at our online store

Balls to play Adidas padel, high performance balls with which to enjoy at each point. High quality Adidas at the best price on the market. Adidas manufactures a premium ball made with the best materials for both the professional and the amateur player, Made to have a long durability, offers a perfect balance between rebound and control and long-lasting felt with high resistance to abrasion and high-quality rubber. refund for quick exchanges.

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With Padel Pro Shop you can buy Adidas balls in an individual can, a pack of 3 cans or a box with 24 cans to train or that you never run out of balls to play padel.

Find the best Adidas models, such as RX

The Adidas RX model has been specifically designed to adapt to the new demands of the game. This ball is characterized by its speed and rebound allowing the athlete to take their game to the highest level. Speed ​​Rx stands out for its great durability, due to the composition of high-density rubber and light felt that allows its characteristics to be extended to the maximum.