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What padel brands exist?
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What padel brands exist?

Over the years, more and more brands have entered the Padel market. On the other hand, others like Bullpadel or Drop Shot have been in the Padel market for years, demonstrating with each season that the sector is constantly evolving. Over the years, brands such as Adidas, Siux (founded in 2012) or Babolat (it would reach the Padel market in the early 2000s) have joined. Others like Oxdog Padel are newcomers to the market, a Swedish brand capable of reinventing the rackets taking them one step further thanks to innovation and technology.

What are the best padel brands?

Based on each player showing certain preferences for certain brands, in Padel Pro Shop we highlight some of the most important for the sector:

  • Bullpadel: Brand number one in the market in Spain and worldwide. It is one of the long -lived brands and sponsors some of the most important players of the professional circuit, for example, Paquito Navarro or Ale Salazar. Their blades are liked by the majority of players and in their catalog they also offer textile of incredible quality, footwear and various accessories.
  • Adidas: A world leader sports brand with great presence in the world of paddle. It is one of the most important brands also in the paddle. They are synonymous with experience and good work. Ale Galán or Marta Ortega are two of their most important players and in addition to contributing to the world of iconic blades such as Metalbone HRD, they have one of the best shoes on the paddle.
  • Nox: Recognized for its focus on the innovation and design of high -end blades is the brand of the most advanced players. Agustín Tapia is his star player, hence part of his collections are composed of products with his seal. It is one of the most complete brands on the market, control or power shovels that please all players.
  • Babolat: Juan Lebrón's brand and one of the most beloved by the players. The French brand, from tennis, has managed to settle and get a large number of followers thanks to its blades and textile garments.