Padel rackets for women

Buy the best padel rackets for women at Padel Pro Shop
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Buy the best padel rackets for women at Padel Pro Shop

In Padel Pro Shop you can find a wide variety of padel rackets for women. Rackets designed with low weight, with a unique aesthetic and reinforced durability.

What is the difference between women's and men's padel rackets?

The main difference between a men's and a women's racket is the weight, since the materials are usually the same. Normally, women's rackets are around 350-360 grams, while men's can be heavier.

What racket for women to choose?

Beginner women's Padel rackets

Normally, women's beginner level padel rackets are characterized by having a soft rubber core and a round shape, which gives it a wide sweet spot. This makes the game as easy as possible for those players who are starting out in this sport. A good example can be the Head Zephyr.

Padel rackets for women medium level

At Padel Pro Shop we adapt to the level of each player. We have intermediate level rackets for those players who have been playing for a while and who are not satisfied with an initiation racket. It doesn't matter if you are a defensive, offensive or versatile player. We have the perfect racket for you.

Padel rackets for women advanced level

Professional level Padel rackets incorporate the latest technology and the most innovative materials on the market. They are the rackets used by professional players, which will give you that extra to put the ball exactly where you want.

How to choose a padel racket for women?

To choose a Padel racket if you are a woman you must take into account several factors.

The weight of the racket , depending on your physical characteristics, you will choose a lighter or heavier one.

Materials and shape. Depending on your playing style, you should opt for round, diamond or teardrop shaped rackets. As for the materials, you have to pay attention to the type of rubber. The soft rubber will give you a better touch while the hard one will give you more control.

Game level , since at a higher level you will have to opt for a more professional racket.