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Buy the best diamond-shaped Padel rackets at Padel Pro Shop
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Buy the best diamond-shaped Padel rackets at Padel Pro Shop

Do you want to boost your attacking game? You need a diamond shaped racket! In Pádel Pro Shop we have the best catalog of professional diamond-shaped blades. This type of racket is designed for those players who want to maximize their punch on the court. The balance of the racket is located at the top, due to the diamond shape, which makes the racket weigh more at the tip and when hitting the ball above the head it comes out with much more power. Diamond-shaped Padel rackets are recommended for backhand players who stand out for their aerial game and who have a certain level of play between intermediate and advanced.

Guaranteed stock of diamond-shaped Padel rackets in our online store

In Padel Pro Shop we usually say that there is no better racket than another, but rather a more appropriate racket than another according to the characteristics of the player. Knowing this, the most successful diamond-shaped rackets on the market are Babolat's Technical range, Bullpadel's Hack, Adidas' Metalbone or Head's Alpha or Delta lines. Diamond-shaped Padel rackets are aimed at players looking for a plus in their offensive game. With this type of racket, the aerial game and the punch will be enhanced, since it has the weight in the upper part. If you are looking to define points, this type of racket is yours.

What advantages do diamond-shaped Padel rackets have?

The main characteristic of diamond-shaped blades is their power. They are indicated for offensive and aggressive players. If you want to improve the aerial game and define points through hitting, choose blades with this shape. Some examples of this type of racket are the Hack from Bullpadel, the Metalbone from Adidas or the Summum range from Varlion. All these blades are carbon fiber and diamond shaped.