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Find online the best padel items of the brand Oxdog
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Find online the best padel items of the brand Oxdog

At Padel Pro Shop we have the entire Oxdog Padel catalog. His long career in the sport of Floorball has been transferred to padel, giving rise to excellent clothing, accessories and, above all, some exquisite quality rackets.

Discover our special selection of Oxdog padel rackets, clothing and bags

In 2022, Oxdog Pádel broke into the market. Since its launch, more and more players, attracted by the innovation and technology of Oxdog rackets, have trusted the Swabian brand. They only stand out for their padel rackets, they also do so for their wide variety of textiles and their bags.

Reasons to buy Oxdog products

Oxdog is here to stay, the Swedish brand specialized in the manufacture of sports products and in the treatment of carbon has come to the world of padel to create a revolution thanks to the quality of its materials, its distinctive designs and new technologies implemented in its rackets that aim to create innovations never seen before.