Padel shoes with omni sole

What are the characteristics of an omni sole?
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What are the characteristics of an omni sole?

Omni sole shoes are made up of a distribution of points. The distinctive feature of omni soles is their multi-directional design, made up of grip patterns that extend in all directions: forward, backward, to the sides, and even at diagonal angles.

Padel shoes models with omni sole with 2-4 days shipping

Omni sole Shoes are a revolutionary innovation in the world of athletic footwear. These shoes have been designed with a special sole that offers exceptional grip in multiple directions, providing superior traction for padel courts.

The best models of padel shoes with omni soles

One of the best models that bet on the omni sole are the Babolat Jet Premura. Juan Lebron's footwear is characterized by being highly resistant to abrasion on harder terrain