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Buy the best padel shoes in Padel Pro Shop

Padel shoes are our best weapon on the court, we have a wide variety of padel shoes for women and men. A good choice of padel shoes, more stability or more agility determine a great padel player. In our store we offer a wide variety of brands of padel shoes.

What padel shoes to buy?

The shoes are a fundamental element for any paddle player. The choice of paddle shoes is something very personal, but you should be clear about several factors when choosing it. Of course, from Padel Pro Shop we believe that any sports shoe is not worth it. Whenever possible you should use a footwear specially designed to play paddle tennis, so you will avoid the risk of injuries. When buying them you should pay attention to:

  • Comfort: It is the first thing we have to feel. We will be many hours with those shoes. Can you imagine what would be uncomfortable?
  • Foot hold: Notice that the shoe fits perfectly with our foot is key to avoiding possible landslides that end in injury.
  • Mortital: the paddle is a very demanding sport, where we will take many jumps, changes of direction and make enough kilometers. Good cushion is indispensable.
  • Stability: To avoid twisting it is essential to choose a stable shoe.


How should padel shoes be?

Although it is very personal, in Padel Pro Shop we believe that the characteristics of a good paddle shoe should be:

  • Comfortable: You must feel comfortable with your shoes on the track.
  • Stable. Your shoes should give you that necessary stability on the track.
  • Damping Prevents possible injuries and also delay your tiredness
  • Durability. Your shoes should accompany you during many games.
  • Grip. They should provide you with such a necessary grip on a paddle track.
  • Breathable You must have breathable technology that allows you to breathe at your foot.


When to change the padel shoes?

It will always depend on the use we give it. It will not be the same to play every day than to do it 2 times a week. As a general rule, the biggest symptom that we should be thinking about changing our shoes is that we notice that we slip on the track. For this reason we must check the state of our sole from time to time and check if the drawing is still in good condition, since it is what will give us stability.

What is the difference between padel and Padel shoes?

A very common mistake is to think that padel and Padel shoes are the same. They have similarities such as good support, stability, protection, cushioning, comfort, etc., but they are not the same. Because the movements in padel and Padel are not the same, the biggest difference between the 2 shoes lies in the sole. We can say that the Espiga and Mixta soles are the only ones typical of padel.