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Find online the best padel items of the brand Wilson
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Find online the best padel items of the brand Wilson

The historic American brand has opened an important gap in the padel. Wilson rackets offer a wide variety according to the level of each player. The historic player Fernando Belasteguín is an icon of the brand and many of the brand's products bear his same name.

Discover our special selection of Wilson padel rackets, shoes, clothing and equipment

The Bela range is one of Wilson's most recognized power rackets. Alongside this is also the Wilson Ultra or Wilson Pro Staff range. In addition, Wilson Pádel offers the best sports equipment. One of our customers' favorite products is their overgrips and shoes.

Reasons to buy Wilson products

The best sports equipment of the Wilson brand in Padel Pro Shop. Design, quality and elegance transferred to the court thanks to one of the most emblematic brands in racket sports. In Padel Pro Shop you can find the best accessories, bags, balls or Wilson rackets at the best price.