Padel shoes with herringbone sole

What are the characteristics of a herringbone sole?
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What are the characteristics of a herringbone sole?

Herringbone soles are characterized by having a set of parallel zig-zag lines. These types of seulas are the most popular and allow the player to move without braking suddenly.

Padel shoes models with herringbone sole with 2-4 days shipping

If you are definitely a fan of herringbone-soled shoes, at Padel Pro Shop we have a wide range of footwear with this type of sole. The herringbone sole is very durable, extending the useful life of your footwear.

The best models of padel shoes with herringbone soles

One of the most famous models with a herringbone sole is the Joma Slam. However, many models also choose to introduce this type of sole to their footwear, such as the Adidas CourtJam or the Asics Gel-Challenger 13.