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Preguntas Frecuentes

Buy Head padel balls at our online store

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Cans, packs and boxes of balls with comfortable and resistant pressure for your training sessions and matches. Head balls have very lively bounces and high durability (up to 4-5 matches in optimal weather), which is why there are many Padel instructors who bet on this brand to fill their carts. It is the best-selling ball on the market, with a great reception by fans of this sport.

Find the best Head models, such as Head Padel or Head Padel Pro S

Head Padel Pro

Head Padel Pro balls lead the market thanks to their official World Padel Tour ball guarantee, which guarantees the highest quality in the game and exceptional durability. The Head Padel Pro is characterized by having a great touch and a wide rebound. These balls are probably the most consumed in the last decade.

Head Padel Pro S

A ball that came out in 2018 with a renewed core and unique features to offer a greater range of speed, dynamism and agility in hitting. This ball is chosen by the professional Padel circuit, World Padel Tour to give extra energy to tournaments whose location and placement decrease performance. Its new packaging has a shorter wrapper that uses less plastic, which is more sustainable.

Head Padel

Head Padel balls are balls designed for amateur players looking for an economical ball that lasts over time, with a regular bounce and slow deterioration.