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Buy the best Oxdog padel rackets at Padel Pro Shop

Oxdog has just arrived in the world of padel ready to revolutionize the market with its interesting technologies that are committed to the future and innovation like we have never seen before. That is why the Swedish brand seems to be a guarantee for the future in padel and that it will give a lot to talk about in the coming years to rub shoulders with the biggest brands in this sport. Oxdog is a Swedish brand with a tradition in the manufacture of sports equipment and with extensive experience in the treatment of carbon. However, it is his innovative mentality that will surely bring great novelties to padel never seen before.

What technologies do the Oxdog Padel rackets have?

PowerRibs: Oxdog has focused on creating a series of frameworks that really help the player achieve better performance with less effort. Thanks to their advanced research they have developed a new frame design with a construction that provides greater reaction, more control, reduced energy loss and increased power and speed. These "striations" or "ribs" that we find in the frame of the blade are located at different heights depending on whether the blade is round, teardrop, or diamond; and in combination with carbon they better transfer the power of our blows.

Silent Speed ​​Technology: the operation of the aforementioned PowerRibs significantly reduces the noise generated when hitting, since all the energy is transferred directly to the ball.

HES-Carbon (High Energy System): The exclusive HES-Carbon reacts faster and transfers energy to the maximum, converting it into speed, power and greater durability. Oxdog's unique resin and carbon process optimizes fibers, amplifies performance, and is especially effective on extreme products. The more demanding the challenge, the better the HES system works!

DSH (Double Size Holes): After extensive testing, Oxdog has created a double size hole pattern to give the best spin, improve power and increase balance. DSH improves playability outside of the sweet spot while also maximizing power.

Vibadamp System: the exclusive Vibradamp fiber is found in the middle layer of the handle and absorbs vibrations thanks to the four silicone inserts that wrap it perfectly. VibradampTM reduces stress and helps you play at your best.

Find the models of Oxdog Padel rackets: Ultimate, Hyper 2.0, Sense and many more

Oxdog presents us with three ranges of rackets in its first catalog of Padel rackets:

Ultimate Collection: they are top-of-the-range rackets, diamond-shaped and the best technologies of the brand to offer maximum power and control. The exhaustive tests carried out show that the performance of these rackets is above those of the competition, resulting in a speed never seen before with great control and a noise reduction that can be a surprise. We find the Ultimate Pro+, Ultimate Pro, Ultimate Tour, Ultimate Match and Ultimate Court models.

Hyper Collection: they are teardrop-shaped rackets that combine control and power in a superior way. With a futuristic shape and design, these rackets are well balanced to offer you maximum versatility. The models available are: Hyper Pro, Hyper Tour and Hyper Match.

Sense Collection: These are probably the fastest round Padels in the world. Oxdog's round shape combines control and power in a spectacular way, making the rackets give off a power never seen before in this type of mold without losing the control we seek in a round racket. In this range we find the Sense Pro, Sense Tour and Sense Match rackets.