Padel rackets according to level of play

What levels are there in padel?
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What levels are there in padel?

In padel, we usually differentiate between beginner, intermediate and advanced/professional level. These levels are differentiated by the skill of the player and their skill and experience in the game.

How to know your level of play in padel?

Each of the paddle children are defined as follows:

  1. Initial or beginner level: Players who have just started playing paddlers. They are found in a technique, coup, regulation and game strategy learning. For them, control shovels are recommended, a round format with wide sweet point.

  2. Intermediate level: Players who already know the technique and basic blows of the paddle. These players can make more consistent blows and have a deeper understanding of the strategy. However, they are still perfecting their technique and can make occasional mistakes.

  3. Advanced level: At this level, players have a good domain of the hitting techniques and the strategy of the game. They can make blows with precision and power, in addition to having a better understanding of how to play with their partner.

Choose your padel racket according to your level, style of play and budget

The progression and level of padel perfectly defines the racket you need. At the beginning, the player will start with control padel and as they progress in level they will advance with multipurpose and power padel. Remember that in Padel Pro Shop we have all kinds of blades for all levels and from the best brands.