Padel rackets shapes

What shapes of padel rackets exist?
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What shapes of padel rackets exist?

There are three types of padel rackets. Each form allows for different playstyles. The three main shapes of padel rackets are: teardrop, round and diamond.

What shape of padel racket should I choose?



  1. Teardrop shape: Teardrop-shaped padel Rackets are characterised by a medium balance and a sweet spot located in the upper half of the Racket. It is a popular choice for players who prefer a more aggressive game and are looking for speed and power in their shots.
  2. Round or Oval Shape: Round-shaped blades have a more balanced balance. The round blade shape is characterised by having a central sweet spot, sometimes even a very wide balance that simplifies the game. This allows for better control over the ball and is ideal for players looking for a more controlled and precise game. Round blades are the ideal choice for beginner players.
  3. Diamond Shape : This shape is a variation of the traditional teardrop, where the blade is wider at the top and narrower at the base. In other words, the blade gets narrower as you get closer to the handle. It is a suitable option for players who want a balance between power and control.