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What brands of Padel clothing exist?
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What brands of Padel clothing exist?

From Padel Pro Shop we work daily with the best brands on the market. Adidas, Bullpadel, Nox, Babolat, Head, Joma, Asics, Mizuno, Siux and a long list of high-quality brands.

  • Bullpadel is one of the most recognized brands in the world of Padel, its blades and textiles are tested by the highest level Padel players. In the Bullpadel textile collection, we can find t-shirts, pants, shorts, polo shirts and everything we need to dress for our matches and training sessions. The quality of their fabrics are spectacular. Many models in different colors and sizes. Bullpadel is the brand in charge of dressing the best circuit in the world with its collection of technical clothing, the World Padel Tour.
  • Joma is undoubtedly the brand that competes with Bullpadel for first place in the padel textile market. Joma has very good quality clothing at an unbeatable price. Quality clothing at the best price. Joma is a brand backed by years of experience and without a doubt, its name is synonymous with quality. In Padel Pro Shop you can find the new textile models of the Joma brand, from men's and women's shirts to pants or skirts for your training sessions and matches. Don't hesitate any longer and buy your Joma brand clothing.
  • Adidas is one of the best brands in the world in terms of textiles. It is known in all corners of the planet and therefore has many fans. From Padel Pro Shop we know that a good player needs the best equipment and it is not only a padel racket and good shoes, but also having padel clothing. For this reason, in our store you can buy the best selection of Adidas textile products, from game shirts and pants, to casual clothes to wear on a daily basis.
  • Head is the brand chosen by the majority of Padel players, it has been tested for years and thanks to its years of experience it is one of the most demanded and with the highest quality on the market. Its extensive collection includes technical shirts, pants, sweatshirts... Clothes made with the highest quality that will allow us to play our Padel matches with total comfort and freedom of movement. Its textile is breathable and quick-drying. A great choice for our matches and training sessions.
  • Oxdog is the latest recognized brand to join the world of Padel and has a catalog of clothing that we love with pants, jackets, sweatshirts, coats, t-shirts, technical clothing, socks and much more. Their designs and colors are amazing and we are sure that you will love them. Take a look at your collection and get the best clothes to play Padel.