• Las 5 mejores pistas de pádel en Barcelona

    The 5 best Padel courts in Barcelona

    Finding a track that meets all our requirements is not always easy. Because you miss a gym, you want to continue after the game enjoying yourself with friends or because...

    Isabel Muñoz Martín |

  • Reglas del saque en el pádel

    Rules of serve in the Padel

    You choose the ball. A couple of boats. You look at the rival. And you hit the ball where you had planned. This is the most classic beginning of each...

    Ana Torres Arribas |

  • Personaliza tu ropa con Padel Pro Shop

    Customize your clothes with Padel Pro Shop

    The new Padel Pro Shop collection is already on sale with the option to customize any of its garments At Padel Pro Shop we have just launched a new line...

    Dionisio Ugalde Gadea |

  • ¿Cuáles son las lesiones más comunes en el pádel?

    What are the most common injuries in Padel?

    The physiotherapist, Andrés Mundilla, analyzes the injury epidemiology of the paddle Today's article is about the Injury epidemiology of the paddle from the point of view of physiotherapy, making current...

    Mario Sánchez Ugalde |

  • Juan Lebron elige su pala Babolat para 2021

    Juan Lebron chooses his Babolat racket for 2021

    The number 1 in the world has already revealed which racket he will use this season Juan Lebrón , world number 1 padel player, has just revealed which racket he...

    Pedro Muñoz Martín |

  • Bienvenidos a Padel Pro Shop

    Welcome to Padel Pro Shop

    Padel Pro Shop, your store specialized in guaranteed Padel Thanks to Padel Pro Shop ( ) it will no longer be difficult for you to find your racket ,...

    Dionisio Ugalde Gadea |

  • Olvídate de las vibraciones con el undergrip ARIV

    Forget vibrations with the ARIV undergrip

    The ARIV undergrip will help you prevent injuries Today we present a new product that aims to revolutionize the market. This is ARIV , an undergrip that reduces vibrations by...

    Pedro Muñoz Martín |

  • Cómo recuperarse después de jugar al pádel

    How to recover after playing Padel

    How to recover after playing Padel and avoid injuries Do you suffer muscle discomfort when you play Padel or do you feel very exhausted after a game? You're not alone!...

    Dionisio Ugalde Gadea |

  • ¡Os presentamos nuestras propias palas!

    We present you our own rackets!

    After the brutal stockout suffered in the Padel market as a result of the pandemic, we decided that we could not sit idly by and that we needed to jump...

    Pedro Muñoz Martín |

  • Visitamos el Centro de Alto Rendimiento

    We visited the High Performance Center

    Today we approach the StarVie CAR to see first-hand how professional Padel players train Have you ever wondered how professional padel players train? We do, and since we wanted to...

    Pedro Muñoz Martín |