What is the difference between the HEAD padel balls?

¿Qué diferencia hay entre las pelotas de pádel de HEAD?

Mario Sánchez Ugalde |

We analyze the Head CS, Head Padel, Head Padel Pro and Head Padel Pro S models

In Padel there is no debate, the best-selling balls are those of the HEAD brand. Because? Very simple, because they offer different models with a great quality/price ratio depending on the use or player, which means that we can all choose the balls that best suit our game and the conditions in which we are going to play.

In this post we will try to answer all your questions and give our opinion on the different types of balls. Of course, we already anticipate that they all seem highly recommended, you just have to know how to choose which ones best suit what you need.

As you know there are four models of balls : Head CS , Head Padel , Head Padel Pro and Head Padel Pro S. Next we will explain the differences between each type:

Head CS Balls

Head CS balls are the cheapest on the market. The bottle costs just €3 and if you buy it in packs of 3 it costs €8. Does cheap equal bad? Not at all, these balls are designed mainly for training , they do not carry as much pressure as other models, but their durability is much greater. They are the most chosen to give classes, since they will allow you many hits without losing efficiency and without leaving you a pasture. They can also be recommended for a first contact with the sport, since they make the game slower and easier for a beginner.

Head Padel Balls

Head Padel balls are a standard on the market. They are balls that can be used to train, play, compete ... They have a great quality/price ratio and good durability. They are somewhat heavier balls than CS and have a better bounce. They will give you very good results in a first game and then they will last a long time without too much deterioration. They are the most popular among casual players due to their price (€3.5) and benefits, but they are also used by many advanced players and are even seen in some competitions.

They are also available in boxes of 24 cans for only €80.59.

Head Padel Pro Balls

The Head Padel Pro balls are the ones used officially in the World Padel Tour , which in itself gives us an idea of ​​their quality. They are balls with a perfect bounce, which is why they are used to speed up the game and for competitions in good altitude and weather conditions. They also have an acceptable durability and remain in good condition to play with them between 3 and 5 games.

They are also available in boxes of 24 cans for only €109.90

Head Padel Pro S Balls

The Head Padel Pro S balls arose because depending on what conditions the Pro balls lost some effectiveness. For this reason , Head surprised with this ball that is somewhat less heavy, and has more pressure, which means that the ball performs better in situations where altitude, humidity and temperature can affect the game. For example, in sea areas, with low altitude and high humidity, you will get a perfect bounce and speed in the game with these balls. These balls are also chosen for women's category competitions as they help to set the pace for the girls' game.

They are also available in boxes of 24 cans for only €109.90.