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Buy the best Adidas padel rackets at Padel Pro Shop

Adidas is a giant of sports equipment worldwide. It is the market leader in a multitude of sports. Years ago it came to the Padel market to bring us a wide variety of Padel rackets with the best technology and the most spectacular designs of each season.

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Like every year, Adidas surpasses itself and the year 2023 has not been an exception. This season brings premium quality rackets that will allow you to get the most out of your game. The Adidas catalog is very varied, with different types of rackets designed for different levels and styles of play. They have developed very innovative technologies, such as their Weight & Balance system, from Ale Galán's Metalbone range, which allows you to change the weight and balance of the racket according to your needs. In addition, Octagonal Structure technology maximizes its power. Another novelty that Adidas brings us is its commitment to the environment, since they have created the first ecological racket.

Find emblematic Adidas models such as Metalbone, Adipower and many more...

In just a few seasons, Adidas has placed itself at the top of the Padel racket brands and has managed to get hold of the services of some of the best players on the circuit. Without a doubt, Ale Galán is the flagship of the brand, along with its star product: the Adidas Metalbone racket. Other spearhead players of the brand are Alex Ruiz and Marta Ortega. Without a doubt, Adidas is one of the great brands to take into account when choosing our Padel racket, textiles or Padel shoes.

What cheap Adidas Padel rackets to buy?

The most common thing is that if you are starting out in this sport, you are looking for cheap Padel rackets. At Padel pro Shop we have rackets at a very good price, so you can take your first steps in Padel without spending a fortune. For this reason, Adidas offers us its RX 300 that you can get at a very affordable price. Another highly recommended padel racket within this segment is the Granite CTRL LTD, a perfect padel racket if you are starting out in Padel and what you are looking for is control.

What types of Adidas blades exist?

Adidas has a wide catalog of rackets, each one designed for a different type of player, depending on their style of play. Adidas control padel rackets They are the round-shaped rackets from the Adidas range. Ideal if you want to have more control, maneuverability and precision, and if you are looking for a more strategic and defensive type of game. Within the range of the German brand, the Granite Pro Carbon CTRL or the Adipower CTRL stand out. Padel rackets Adidas power They are diamond-shaped rackets. They are indicated for players looking for power, perfect for a strictly offensive game. If you want to enhance the passing game and give your attack a plus, choose blades from the Metalbone or Adipower range. Versatile Adidas padel rackets They are rackets with a hybrid shape, commonly called teardrop. They are rackets with a perfect balance between the two previous types. Balanced between control and power, between defensive and offensive play.