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Buy the best Dunlop padel rackets at Padel Pro Shop

Dunlop Sport is a British sporting goods company specializing in Padel and golf equipment. Dunlop has manufactured sports equipment since 1910. Now it has also specialized in padel, that's why at Padel Pro Shop we have its best models.

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Although many know it for the manufacture of tires, the British company Dunlop Sports has been manufacturing sports equipment since 1910, especially Padel and, recently, padel. Dunlop's goal is to modernize and improve padel. For this they print all their experience and technology. The result is precision-engineered and technically sophisticated products. By 2023, their commitment to making the sport grow leads them to design products for all types of players, from the beginner level with cheaper rackets, to advanced levels. They have several players from the professional circuit on their team: Padel legend Juani Mieres and the powerful Argentinian player Ramiro Moyano.

Find iconic Dunlop models like the Inferno, Aero and many more...

Dunlop Inferno Padel Racket

The Dunlop Inferno Carbon Elite is a brand classic that is renewed and improved every year. And it returns in 2022 with more benefits than ever.

Thanks to its teardrop format, a hybrid shape, you will get the best relationship between power and control.

100% Carbon construction, which will provide you with the best mechanical performance.

The core of this Dunlop Inferno Carbon Elite is high-density EVA PRO, for professional hitting sensations.

Dunlop Rocket padel racket

The Dunlop Rocket Ultra racket is designed for beginner or intermediate level padel players. Its round shape gives it a wide sweet spot, with which you will fully control the ball.

A padel racket combines the characteristics of control and power to take the first steps in the padel .

Dunlop Aerostar

The Dunlop Aero Star Pro racket is one of the brand's top rackets. It is aimed at advanced players.

It is a fairly versatile racket, with a wide sweet spot and medium-high balance on the head, which gives it plenty of power in each hit.

12K carbon structure, PRO EVA rubber core and Tri-Clamp technology at the heart are its main features.

Dunlop Blitz Padel Racket

The Dunlop Blitz Attack Racket is built with premium Graphite and with Open Frame technology at the base of the frame to provide greater manageability and frame rigidity. It has a Pro EVA core for an ideal combination of power and control. Extra Grip finish for increased spin for more penetrating shots.