Padel overgrips and grips

Buy online the best padel overgrips in Padel Pro Shop
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Buy online the best padel overgrips in Padel Pro Shop

In Padel Pro Shop you can find a variety of padel overgrips from the best brands on the market, Head, Bullpadel, Adidas, Nox and many more. The overgrip is the accessory par excellence and is placed on top of the grip. They can wear one, two, three and as many as you want more. There are some who place up to 5!

Packs of overgrips of the best brands: Wilson, Babolat, Head...

In our store you will find overgrips and grips of all colors, sizes and brands at an incredible price. And remember that in 2-4 days you will have it at home.

How many overgrips to put on padel?

Generally, overgrips are more adhesive and we can find some with greater perspiration. Some overgrips by incorporating small holes make it easier for the sweat on the hand to dry more quickly. The overgrip is thinner than the grip. There are players who choose to put several overgrips to give the fist the desired thickness. The overgrip must always be placed on a grip, never on the bare fist. It also usually has a glue inside only at the beginning to hold it and then start turning it.