Padel shoes soles

What types of Padel shoe soles exist?
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What types of Padel shoe soles exist?

Padel shoe soles come in three types: Herringbone soles: Herringbone soles are a popular choice for padel shoes. They have small herringbone-shaped protrusions that provide excellent traction on the court, which is especially useful for the quick lateral movements and turns that are characteristic of padel. This sole provides firm grip on artificial sand or carpet padel court surfaces. Omni Outsole: These outsoles are designed to adapt to different types of surfaces, including artificial sand, synthetic grass and hard courts. They are a combination of protrusions allowing for solid performance in a variety of conditions. Smooth or mixed herringbone sole: Some padel shoes have soles that have a combination of smooth and herringbone areas. This provides a balance between grip and slipperiness, which can be beneficial for players looking for control in their movements.