Rules of serve in the Padel

Reglas del saque en el pádel

Ana Torres Arribas |

You choose the ball. A couple of boats. You look at the rival. And you hit the ball where you had planned. This is the most classic beginning of each game. The starting point of each game. With a good serve we can win the track from the first blow. And although the technique is essential in the serve, it is even more important to know the rules of paddle for paddle. 

Next to the game standards, Respecting the rules of paddle kicks is the basis that every player must know before playing amateur games. 

What are the serve rules? 

In order for the serve to be valid and the game can be continued, the following requirements must be met: 

  1. The serve must be made behind the serve line 3 meters away from the bottom glass. 
  1. The player who serves (who takes) must have both feet behind the aforementioned serve line. Only when the shovel impacts the ball can advance them. 
  1. Before the impact, the server will throw the ball on the ground to execute the serve. 
  1. The blow will be made at waist height or below it but can never exceed the hip. In addition, until the blow occurs, the server will have at least one foot on the ground. 
  1. The ball must be directed to the box of the opposite field, in a diagonal direction and above all pass over the network without touching it. 

Has the serve complied with the 5 rules? Then the serve is valid. However, it is common for conflict or doubt situations. What if the ball has touched the network? If the ball impacts the fence, is it valid? For all cases of uncertainty, the regulation sheds light on the matter. 

When is the serve valid? 

The first and simplest cases takes place when the ball does not boot inside the opposite box. In this case the serve is not valid. 

By simple casuistry, the ball can throw inside the opposite box and hit the fence. When this happens, the serve will not be good either. 

Nor is it necessary to highlight that when the ball boat in the opposite field and leaves directly through the door on a track without exterior game space, the serve will be directly invalidated. 

And one of the most frequent cases during serve, what happens when the ball impacts on the network. Well, when the ball touches the network or posts that support it and then falls into the box of the opposite field the service will be net. Translated into the game, NET implies that the serve should be repeated. And if the same happened again, the serve would be repeated again. 

Subtract the serve 

The raising rally of the serve must be adapted to the rules of the paddle for paddle. The first of all will be to wait for the ball to throw first before be able to hit it. 

In addition, if the ball hit the rally or his partner during the serve he will be considered both the player to the service. 

How to make a paddle serve? 

Now that we have seen the rules of the serve, we reach the technique. Obtaining a good serve allows us to take the game initiative and win the network from the first one hit. And what better way to do it than with the best Paddle blades marks... 

The player's experience will depend on a cut, lifted or flat serve. The last of all, the flat serve, is one of the easiest and safest of all possible. 

The flat serve lacks effect and we can control the speed of the ball. It is normal to resort to him when we want to ensure serve, more if we are in the second service.  

On the other hand, with the cut serve we managed to print effect to the ball and make it difficult to receive the rally. The main advantage of the cut serve is its limited rebound against the wall just the main difference with the lifted serve, with which a more aggressive rebound of the ball is reached.  

As we have been saying, the serve is one of the most basic blows on paddle. The knowledge of the regulation is basic but so is its execution. You will know that you will dominate the serve when the ball is directed where you had decided, with the desired effect and speed. Only then, you will finally win the network from the first moment and you will dominate the game according to start.