The 5 best Padel courts in Barcelona

Las 5 mejores pistas de pádel en Barcelona

Isabel Muñoz Martín |

Finding a track that meets all our requirements is not always easy. Because you miss a gym, you want to continue after the game enjoying yourself with friends or because of its accessibility. In short, a host of conditions that means that we never find the perfect club. If you are in Barcelona right now and want to play on one of the best padel courts in the city, you are in the right place.

The city has some of the best Padel courts in all of Spain. While there are many options to choose from, there are a few that stand out above the rest.

Artós Sports Club (Sarrià)

With its privileged location and first-class facilities, Artós Sports Club offers an exceptional padel experience. In total there are 11 glass courts perfect for players of all levels.

The club makes Padel trainers available to its clients, although if you want to improve your physical condition you will be happy to know that they also have fitness trainers.

In addition, if you are also passionate about football, you can enjoy a football day in one of its two fields.

Indoor Padel Barcelona

Another excellent option is Indoor Pàdel Barcelona, ​​which has several covered Padel courts. This is ideal for those who want to play year round without worrying about the weather. In this case, the number of tracks is somewhat less than the rest of the options. 5 covered tracks with a price ranging from €26 to €36 per hour.

Indoor Padel Barcelona

Nor can we forget its location in the center of the city, very convenient for those who live or work in the area.

Padel 7

The Pàdel 7 club distributes its Padel courts in two areas of Barcelona. In the District of Sant Martí, Pádel 7 has 4 warehouses. Inside, 11 indoor Padel courts, spin room or shop and bar service.

The second location is in Sant Andreu. In this case, a space shared with another sport, soccer. From Sant Andreu, Pàdel 7 offers 4 Padel courts and 5 soccer fields. A space that is undoubtedly much more enjoyed in good weather since its slopes are outdoors.

Finally, in Plobenou you can find Pàdel 7 Glòries. From the outdoor courts you can enjoy unbeatable views, although the club also has indoor Padel courts. Nor can we forget its individual Padel courts, 2 outdoor courts to enjoy one-on-one Padel.

Fair Play Padel

8 double tracks make up the FariPlay Padel, an open-air club in the heart of the Sants-Montjuïc District. The club is completed with a ninth track, an individual one for those who like to measure themselves in 1vs1.

Prices per reservation range from €4.50 to €7 per person depending on the schedule. The price of individual tracks goes up to €12.

FairPlay Padel is a family place where you can enjoy a long day of Padel or on its outdoor terrace. A most pleasant experience.

Nick Club Padel Barcelona

It is undoubtedly one of the best clubs in Barcelona. Its 9 tracks have been certified by the Adidas brand. The panoramic slopes that you can find here are in high demand, but their quality justifies it.

The price per person of the track ranges from 6 euros to 13, although members of the Nick Spay & Sports Club gym have a special discount.

In summary, if you are looking to play padel in Barcelona, ​​you have many great options. Whether at Artós Sports Club, Indoor Pàdel Barcelona, ​​Pàdel 7, FairPlay Padel or Nick Club Padel Barcelona, ​​you will surely enjoy an exceptional padel day. So grab your equipment to play Padel , get ready to enjoy the best Padel in one of the best cities to play.