Customize your clothes with Padel Pro Shop

Personaliza tu ropa con Padel Pro Shop

Dionisio Ugalde Gadea |

The new Padel Pro Shop collection is already on sale with the option to customize any of its garments

At Padel Pro Shop we have just launched a new line of clothing designed to play and train Padel, but also to wear. They are exclusive designs that come with the logo of our store and with the option of stamping your name.

How to do it? It's very simple, you just have to enter the Personalized Clothing section and choose the garment you want to buy. Then you can add your name for only €5 more.

The advantage of this service is that it is not necessary to buy a quantity , with the purchase of a single garment you can customize it. We also do it at the moment thanks to the stamping service that we have in our warehouse, so you will have what you have bought in 24 hours and with the name you want stamped.

It's simple, now you just have to decide what products you want, you can choose between several shirts, pants, skirts, sweatshirts and a very comfortable lining to play Padel. Click on the following link to see all our customizable products: