Varlion padel rackets

Buy the best Varlion padel rackets at Padel Pro Shop
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Preguntas Frecuentes

Buy the best Varlion padel rackets at Padel Pro Shop

Get hold of the entire catalog of Varlion padel rackets, without a doubt a unique quality and with innovative technologies perfect for those who are looking for maximum performance on the court.

What Varlion racket to buy?

Varlion Bourne racket

Bourne is a model that was born in 2018 from the fusion between the Cañon (diamond shape created in 2003) and the Avant (teardrop shape created in 2009). As a final result, we get a teardrop-shaped racket, designed for players who seek power in their game without giving up control.

Varlion padel racket for women

Varlion is undoubtedly one of the brands that is committed to manufacturing exclusive rackets for women. Although many of their catalog could be considered unisex, they currently have the Varlion LW TI woman 2022 racket in their catalog.

Varlion Junior racket

Varlion's junior rackets are another feature of its extensive catalogue. You will be able to find rackets for children without any problem within the range of rackets of the Spanish brand.

What players use Varlion?

Currently they have the young Mike Yanguas as the main standard bearer of the brand. Players like Jon Sanz or Bárbara Las Heras are also part of the Varlion PRO Team