Padel injury prevention equipment

How can you prevent injuries in padel?
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How can you prevent injuries in padel?

If you want to prevent padel injuries, the first tip is to warm up properly before starting the game or training. The preparation of your muscles is vital, as is the technique. Proper technique reduces the risk of injury. Finally, adapt your equipment to your needs. Good footwear or a padel racket of the right weight are vital to prevent injuries.

What kind of accessories to use to prevent injuries?

Products such as Mc David's Cold Spray help to significantly reduce pain from sprains and injuries. Its recommended use is after matches and training sessions in pain areas.

What injuries are the most common in padel?

The most common injury in padel is lateral epicondylitis, also known as Padel elbow. This is a degenerative injury to the tendons on the outside of the elbow that requires professional treatment.