Juan Lebron chooses his Babolat racket for 2021

Juan Lebron elige su pala Babolat para 2021

Pedro Muñoz Martín |

The number 1 in the world has already revealed which racket he will use this season

Juan Lebrón , world number 1 padel player, has just revealed which racket he will use for the 2021 season. As many of you know, Lebrón plays sponsored by the Babolat brand, but there was still uncertainty about which model he would choose for this season. This decision is no small feat, since the racket that Lebrón chooses will surely be a sales success.

For many of us, the preseason seems eternal and this type of information calms the bug a bit, so the rumors have been constant until we have finally seen the Wolf with the racket in his hands . It was in an exhibition match at the Journy Padel Arena in Cancun in which Juan Lebrón played with his partner, Ale Galán, against Miguel Lamperti and Leo Aguirre.

If you want to see the full game, we leave it here:


And finally the chosen racket is the Babolat Technical Viper , a precious diamond-shaped carbon. It is a very light racket, with a high balance and 12k carbon, so we will surely see some spectacular shots from the Spanish in the World Padel Tour 2021. In addition, the Viper has a rough finish that improves the effect of the ball, a core of EVA rubber to absorb the impact of the ball and Vibrabsorb technology to reduce vibrations and prevent injuries.

Without a doubt, we are facing one of the best rackets on the market, which also stands out for its careful design. Who else wants her? Get it now at Padel Pro Shop for €280.