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Who is Federico Chingotto? His history and greatest achievements


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Who is Federico Chingotto? His history and greatest achievements

Federico Chingotto, born in Buenos Aires, is one of the most charismatic players on the circuit. Despite his youth, he is a proven player on the World Padel Tour. He has historically formed a couple with Juan Tello and plays drive with a diamond Racket, the Bullpadel VERTEX 03 22. He is known as Super Mouse. After her separation with Tello, Paquito Navarro has been her partner during the 2023 season.

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Federico Chingotto's racket is the Vertex 04, the Bullpadel, best-selling for control players. We can also find his Bullpadel brand padel bag and footwear. You can find all this in our Padel Pro Shop store.

Feel like Federico Chingotto: his best clothes, complements and accessories

Fede Chingotto's partner is Paquito Navarro, they have been together for a year. The two Bullpadel players have an exclusive line of material. In the case of Chigotto, he has exclusive shoes, t-shirt and shovel. At Padel Pro Shop we have this material and many more accessories from Bullpadel as well as other players sponsored by the brand.

How tall is Federico Chingotto?

Chingotto is 1.70m tall, he is famous for being a short player and especially next to his former teammate Juan Tello who is around six feet tall. That is why Chingotto, if he is not known by his last name, is known as the super mouse.