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Who is Franco Stupaczuk? His history and greatest achievements


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Who is Franco Stupaczuk? His history and greatest achievements

Franco Stupaczuk is a young Argentine player who plays alongside Pablo Lima. Stupa plays the backhand and is a great spiker. During the 2022 season, together with the Brazilian Lima, he won a WPT title and two Premier Padel titles, one in Argentina and one in Egypt. In addition, in 2022 he won the World Padel Championship together with the Argentine team. Stupa currently plays with the Siux Electra along with another Argentine, Martín Di Nenno.

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Franco Stupaczuk will use the Siux Electra ST2 padel racket in black with yellow touches, a versatile teardrop racket that gives the consistency to be an attack racket with a lot of power. The Siux brand offers Stupa its own racket that includes the player's signature. In addition, it offers the same racket in versions with a hybrid and round shape to adapt to all players who want the Stupa racket.