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Who is Paula Josemaría? Her history and greatest achievements


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Who is Paula Josemaría? Her history and greatest achievements

Paula Josemaría is a Padel player from Extremadura who forms a couple with Ari Sánchez. She is a young player, with a lot of potential and impudence on the court. Use Head's Delta Motion racket to play in the drive. In 2022, together with the rest of the players of the National Team, she won her second World Padel Championship. In addition, this same year she was crowned champion in the Málaga Open or the Marbella Master.

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If you are a paddle tennis lover and you like the Extremaduran player Paula Josemaría, alias Paulita, we offer you all her products in paddle pro shop with 24-hour shipping. Among them you will find the Head Alpha palatero, its sneakers or Head wristbands.

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Paula Josemaría is a player of the Head padel brand, her racket is the Delta Motin in gray and orange, a racket that has taken her to the top of world padel.

How tall is Paula Josemaría?

Paula Josemaría is a short player at 1.60m, although in padel height is usually a plus, Paula thanks to her agility and her tremendous attack makes this a virtue.